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Location and training:
Our dojo is located in the Leiden University Sports Centre. You are welcome
to join us at any time for a training session! In our experience, it only
takes one or two training sessions to find out whether or not you’re going
to love Taido. All you need is a ‘sportkaart’, which is required for access to
the Sports Centre (can be purchased for a period of a day, month or year
at the front desk of the Sports Centre).

Our training times:
Wednesday 19.00 - 20.00 for beginners
Wednesday 20.00 - 21.00 for advanced

About Taido
Taido is known as ‘the martial art of the 21st century’ because it has fused
traditional values with science and a progressive point of view. The following
characteristics together make it an unique martial art: 3-dimensional
movement (attacking from the air, while standing and with the centre of
gravity near the ground), a ‘defensive-attack’, a scientific approach for
body movement and the flexibility to discover and add new moves.

Taido means ‘the way of the body and the mind’. It uses science in its
movements to strike with power because of strong techniques - not just
muscle power, and specific body postures activate pressure points that
stimulate the internal organs. Taido includes acrobatic movements to
quickly increase, or decrease, the distance to an opponent. The 3-dimensional
movements in Taido give it a solid defense, while making it easier
to seek and strike a flaw in the defense of an opponent. By repeating the
different “hokei” (a pattern of movements similar to karate’s kata) you will
both increase your skill and release stress.

Curious? Then give it a try by joining us for a training session!